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North Bay Grief Recovery

If you are currently struggling with the agonizing and often devastating effects of loss, whether because of a death, divorce, health, employment, finances, home or any other reason that grieves you, and you are tired of just suffering alone, WELCOME.

Please know that you can be on your way to feeling better soon. It IS possible to come through the pain of grief, no matter what the cause, and enjoy life again.

Several years ago I was overcome with the loss of a long-term marriage, the home that went with it, my mother's 

unexpected death, the sudden death of my children's father, a change in health and employment and a move away from my community, all within the space of 2 short years. I found myself unable to eat or sleep and was crying all the time. I had a wonderful therapist, friends and family who cared about me and had tried traditional grief support groups and grief counseling. I did not find relief from the ache and sorrow. It got to the point where I lost my capacity for joy. I was deeply depressed and thoughts of ending my life began to cross my mind. This scared me because I didn't want to put my family through the trauma of suicide, but I certainly wanted the pain to end, somehow, anyhow.

One day a woman who had been an acquaintance for some years told me about the Grief Recovery method and urged me to call the Grief Recovery Institute in Sherman Oaks. I spoke to Russell Friedman, one of the co-founders and he just listened. He guided me through the next stages of recovery and in the space of two short months, following specific assignments, working with a confidential partner, my perspective began to shift and life began to have color and joy again.

I am now privileged to be a certified Grief Recovery Specialist, trained by the world renowned Grief Recovery Institute, in Sherman Oaks, California. Let me help you to recover, too.

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Serving Marin County - Groups and individuals. Sliding scale.


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