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Last night I had the privilege of sitting in a circle with a number of courageous people each with a unique story of loss. Tears flowed, of course, but laughter too. Eyes rolled as we recognized how others' well meaning comments fall flat, such as "time heals everything, you just need more time". If that were true, there's be few problems in our world, but we know that just isn't so. "Time wounds all heels" may be closer to the truth, for indeed it is wounding when time passes and the pain of grief just won't go away. And why does it not?

There are myriad reasons but one is that others are uncomfortable when we just won't stop crying, when we don't seem to be "getting over it" in what they consider a reasonable amount of time. They feel they have failed as a friend, perhaps, and that they can't cope with your ongoing grief. So they may gradually fall away. Sometimes they justify this as "giving you space to heal", whereas what we may really need is yet another cup of tea and yes, yet another walk in the woods with a friend who just listens with no judgment and who lets us ride the waves as they keep coming for as long as they need to. Such friends are rare indeed and so we often isolate and decide not to "bother" others. And this harms us terribly.

While there is no set time-line for recovery from grief, the time tested Grief Recovery Method provides us with a structured and time limited framework on which to build the foundation to move forward. Every time we complete one of the simple homework assignments we lay another paving stone in the path of recovery and over a period of only seven weeks we begin to feel things shifting and lifting and hope returns.

This takes courage and commitment, and I salute all those who have shown their willingness to do the work, in the good company of like minded souls as together we move forward to the light at the end of a tunnel that has sometimes been years in the making.

It is never too late to recover and never too soon to start. Please let me know how I can guide you, either by joining one of our workshops or in one on one sessions. Fill out the request for contact and I will respond immediately. Remember, a broken heart can be healed and it is my privilege to assist you in this precious work.

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