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We look forward to resuming group workshops when restrictions are lifted. But. You are not alone, I can still help....


ONE on ONE individual counseling is available by appointment, using FaceTime, Zoom or phone.

Call Caroline McKinnon for more information:


When workshop format is resumed, be aware that each workshop is comprised of an orientation session followed by
seven weeks of meetings, once a week. Each meeting takes approximately 2 hours.

Workshops are designed for no less than 4 and no more than 12 individuals.

Some common myths we have learned about how to deal with grief:

  • Be patient.
  • Time heals all wounds.
  • Grieve on your own.
  • Don’t bother others.
  • Be strong for others.
  • Act as if you are OK even though you feel dead inside. 

In the workshop we will debunk these myths and explore how your recovery has been affected by them.

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Spring 2017 Sessions:

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Phone: (415) 250-3027


I highly recommend this grief recovery workshop! A few years ago, in the short amount of time, I lost my brother to an accident, was going through a divorce, was on the verge of losing my house, and had a close family member dealing with addiction, among other losses. I attended the grief recovery workshop led by Caroline McKinnon and had a transformative healing experience. My life is no longer ruled by regret and sorrow and I acquired skills that I can use for other grief and loss experiences of the past and in the future. I highly recommend this workshop. - Veronica V. 2016

The Grief Recovery Course was miraculous and invaluable for me! Caroline is a wonderful facilitator, compassionate and knowledgeable. She is an authentic and supportive guide who creates a safe, respectful and confidential space for healing and growth.

As I committed to and forged through at times some difficult work, completing the assignments, reading, attending meetings and sharing, I experienced an unexpected shift in perspective. I experienced complete forgiveness, release of years of resentment toward a toxic family member, and inner peace. For me, this course was a gift I gave to myself for my life.

Truly grateful to Caroline for supporting this essential and life changing work. I highly recommend this workshop.

- P.S. Greenbrae, CA 2016

Caroline’s work on Grief Recovery is outstanding! I went to the 8 weeks workshop in a state of despair and deep emotional pain after the sudden death of my nephew and at the end I found myself wanting to keep going for more weeks to be able to release the pain of all the losses I experienced in my life. I searched the Internet for help because I couldn’t bear the emotional pain any longer. I didn’t know what to expect but as soon as I read the textbook, The Grief Recovery Handbook, I felt a sense of relief. There was hope!

The journey was at the same time painful and comforting. Caroline’s empathy and knowledge made the passage through the painful memories safe and healing, because at the end of each session I felt less pain and more hope that I was going to be OK. Caroline’s sensitivity captures the individual needs of each participant to guide each one of us in the right direction. She helps us find our way out of our grief and to come to terms with our losses with a healthier understanding of the effect of death or loss in general.

I learned that my mind can’t heal my broken heart, but a good action plan personally designed for me - using my own experience of pain - could help me to attain closure to be able to regain a sense of wellbeing and peace in my heart. I highly recommend the Grief Recovery classes to anyone at any time in your life because we all have suffered losses. Most of the time the pain goes into hiding producing a detrimental accumulative effect. Nobody teaches us how to recover from our losses. I’d like you to know that Caroline can help you! - Maria P. Emeryville, CA 2016

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